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Ferreti 550 Yatch Booking



Ferreti 550 Yatch

“ferreti 550 yatch”

The luxurious motor yacht, crafted by Ferretti Yachts, was known as the Ferretti 550 Yacht, celebrated for its exquisite design, performance, and comfort on the water. However, it’s important to note that updates or changes might have been made to yacht models and specifications, so referring to the latest information from the manufacturer or a certified dealer is advisable for the most accurate and current details.

Spanning approximately 57 feet (around 16.8 meters), the Ferretti 550 was typically part of the brand’s flybridge yacht series. Its celebrated design seamlessly combined innovative features with the hallmark craftsmanship synonymous with Ferretti Yachts.

The Ferretti 550 Yacht boasted:

Design: Sleek lines and a contemporary exterior profile, often showcasing Ferretti Yachts’ distinctive design language. Accommodations: Spacious cabins, multiple bathrooms, a well-appointed galley, and a comfortable salon area dedicated to relaxation. Outdoor Living: Ample deck space designed for lounging and entertainment, including a flybridge equipped with seating, a helm station, and occasionally a mini-bar or grill. Performance: Advanced propulsion systems ensuring efficient and powerful performance on the water. Technology and Amenities: State-of-the-art navigation systems, entertainment systems, and high-quality finishes spread throughout the yacht.

The Ferretti 550 aimed to provide owners and their guests with a luxurious and comfortable cruising experience, blending performance seamlessly with lavish amenities.


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Details of Ferreti 550 Yatch

Charter guest15 Seater people
Length57 Feet
Sun DeckYes
Upper DeckYes
Lower DeckYes



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